Health, Safety & Environment

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We are committed to safeguard our employees, the communities, their assets and the surrounding environment in which we conduct our business or project.

HSE Commitment

  • We comply with the relevant statutes, regulations, standards and/or guidance in the localities we operate and serve.
  • We sustain zero workplace incidence among our employees, subcontractors and the people who work with us.
  • We conserve resources, minimise pollution and maintain environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Our HSE management and stewardship initiatives are effectively communicated among our relevant internal and external stakeholders.
  • Our employees are trained, provided the resources to work in safe ¬†environment and empowered to ¬†exercise stop work authority or refrain to work in unsafe condition, when necessary.

HSE Expectations


We strive to avert work place incidents, occupational accidents or impact to the natural environment with diligent risk management process at every level of the organisation and service delivery,.


We are committed to protect physical and electronic assets, information and data entrusted in our custody from misuse through traceable custodianship process and secured storage facility.


We subscribe to sustainable practices by making waste minimisation and resource conservation as crucial aspect of our business planning and operation.
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