About Us

Our Story

ABGC Malaysia is a growing environmental and geoscience project delivery consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We began in 2018 with our consulting service by developing end-to-end solutions for our private, commercial and public sector clients to manage the emerging challenges they experience in the areas of environment, geoscience, energy and safety

The solutions we developed are attributed to the insights and diligence of our consultants and administrators who are highly capable persons with each of them having over 20 years of professional experience in multi-faceted discipline and possess the required skill.

We believe the like minds will bring the best in everything that we do. 

Why Choose Us

We Hear You

We focus on your concern and act professionally and with care to meet your expectations, which is what drives our complete and viable service delivery model.

Safe & Seamless Service

Safety is taken seriously and diligently managed at every level of service ensuring we always operate in ways to avert any implications to deliver a seamless service.

Valuable Insights

As hands on people, we gained valuable insights from what we do and happy to share, within the means of our code of conduct and integrity, for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders.

Our Principle

  • Respect & Compassion for All
  • Brilliant Ideas & Delivery
  • Sustainable Approach
  • Compliance

Our Vision & Mission


Be the element of change and bring improvement that benefit the world we now live in.


Demonstrate leadership in ways that makes us distinct in quality and value we bring to our happy customers.


Serve with integrity and be accountable to take pride and cherish our achievements.


Always respect, accommodate, comply and safely deliver our commitments to those we do business with.

Our Commitments

Target Oriented

We understand our client's objectives and will adhere to mutually agreeable project delivery milestones.

Meticulous in Planning

With our valuable insights we will meticulously craft practical and technically sound solutions using optimal resource.

Diligent Delivery

We diligently manage and deliver every program until successful completion ensuring client's business continuity.

Prudent in Practice

We emphasize on prudent practices making sure our clients are protected from potential commercial implications.

Some of Our Clientele

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