environmental & geoscience consultancy

...transforming the best end state vision into reality

Who We Are

We bring with us years of professional experience in multi-disciplinary background. Our consultants are hands-on and determined to deliver the best for clients while helping them realise the desired end-state vision for the challenges that arise in areas of environment and geoscience.

We serve with a common goal and compassion that are strongly rooted to support our clients as a preferred solutions delivery partner.

The one thing we ultimately hope to see is that our clients are happy for the value we bring along with us in serving them.

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"We are hands-on"

Areas of Specialisation


EHS Compliance Audit
Indoor Air Quality Assessment (IAQ)
Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
Facility Siting & Permitting (EESIM)
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
Environmental Monitoring (Air, Noise & Water & Vibration)
Sediment & Erosion Inspection
Facility Closure Plan
Project Closure Audit


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA)
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA)
Leaking Underground Storage Tank Validation
Soil Vapour Intrusion Study
Contaminated Soil & Groundwater Remediation


Geological Terrain Mapping
Geotechnical Instrumentation
Geophysical Investigation
Water Well Installation
Groundwater Resource Study
Groundwater Contamination Survey
Contaminant Fate & Transport Modelling
Groundwater Receptor Risk Assessment

Our Affiliations

Our professional consultants and associates are recognised and affiliated with formal institution and organisation.

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